Get to know us

Where we lay our head and how we got here

Miles apart, but one family.

Based in North America but scattered around, we are an experienced team of product managers, designers, and engineers that came together years ago to create some of the best digital experiences ever made.

We are tight-knit and like to have fun, but most importantly, we get work done. We aim to inspire the future while mentoring along the way. One thing is creating a product, but helping the company adapt it internally along the way is one of our core values. It's what makes us, us.

This train started in 2014, and it's been an incredible ride so far, hop on and see!

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What led us here
A timeline of events that led to good, then better, and now beyond.
  1. 2014
    Ready to launch
    Take off. Some old friends and colleagues get together and launch something unique with hopes of changing the world.
  2. Apple releases the iPhone 7
  3. 2017
    New Minneapolis office!
    After looking around, we finally find a brick-and-mortar location in downtown Minneapolis.
  4. SpaceX launches Tesla Roadster towards Mars
  5. 2019
    Persuade goes digital
    Persuade becomes a full-service digital customer experience agency changing the digital landscape.
  6. Jon Snow re-banished to The Wall
  7. Tiger King does its thing
  8. 2021
    Capillary wants in
    Capillary Technologies aquires Persuade to reach new heights in North America.
  9. 2022
    North America brand launch
    Our vision comes to life. We launch our new brand to the world and take aim at the market.
  10. Apple scheduled to launch a VR headset
  11. 2024
    The future awaits!
    We’re not sure what the future holds, but we’re ready for anything!

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