A specialty pharmacy getting into the hands of its customers
By having app connectivity, customers could get pharmacy care on the run.

For years, Amber Speciality Pharmacy has helped its patients manage their complex care through in-person, phone, and website interactions. Now, it wanted to provide patients a mobile app that would allow personalized care to be a single click away.

Amber wanted to replicate functionality from its online website and portal, while also adding new features like pill reminders and customer surveys. The driving force behind the build was a desire to more efficiently and effectively improve patient engagement and medical outcomes.

  • Product Strategy
  • Product Design
  • User Research + Testing
  • Mobile App Development
  • React Native
  • Cloud
  • Systems Architecture
  • Accessibility
  • Approach
    From style guide to app

    It was clear from interviews with Amber stakeholders and pharmacists, that our design approach needed to highlight Amber’s philosophy of personalized care and support. Unlike other products that seek to increase overall time spent in an app, Amber wanted patients to be able to perform their tasks as quickly as possible.

    Capillary Digital and Amber worked together to prioritize features and review in-progress designs, including A/B tests of mobile prototypes. Once a design direction was approved, we built a style guide into the development version of our React Native app. The style guide, and overall component-based design, made it easy for our team to move quickly in future sprints.

    The app build went smoothly, thanks in large part to close collaboration between our small team of product designers, developers, and Amber stakeholders. The Amber team reviewed app demos along the way, and then tested the full feature set prior to the app launch.

    Patients can now use the app as a central source of information for their medications. Pill reminders and other features help ensure patients are taking their medication on a regular basis. The app has helped build confidence in external stakeholders that Amber Specialty Pharmacy is the right choice to help their patients.

    Increase in patients' medication adherence

    Overwhelming positive feedback from patients and external pharmacy stakeholders