Providing a more efficient experience, while improving patient care
An updated portal interface and system for administrators, providers, and patients.

Amber Speciality Pharmacy, which provides personalized and specialized care to the most vulnerable patients, was looking to improve the technology it used for managing billing and medication adherence.

Most patient interactions were done over the phone or in person, which was time-consuming and not always effective. Capillary Digital came in to help find ways to improve the experience for administrators, providers, and patients — while still ensuring that Amber’s values of personal care and support were not lost.

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    Understanding the patient journey

    Our team didn’t want to just learn the technical infrastructure, but also the personal motivations and goals behind patients, the providers that monitor their prescriptions, and the Amber administrative staff.

    We worked with Amber’s data team to understand the complex process flow that patients navigated through, and built a visual timeline that allows staff to quickly see when there were issues in a specific patient’s journey. We automated some specific enrollment steps that had seen high drop-off rates to date.

    To reduce the time spent on the phone managing billing, we integrated with a payment processing system so that patients could view their balance and pay online. But our design also highlighted alternate options like chat functionality for any patients who felt stuck and wanted help.

    The new system allows patients the ability to see their billing history, view key documents and resources, and learn how to get help with specific problems. Since most of the time-consuming, manual processes have been automated, providers and administrators are now able to spend more time helping those who need it the most.
    "The underlying purpose of all the changes we do is to improve patient outcomes. There’s a benefit to the work we’re doing."

    Wade Kallhoff

    Vice President of Engineering  ·  Capillary Digital

    Automated administrative tasks, allowing Amber employees to work on other initiatives.

    Overwhelming positive feedback from patients and portal users.