Mobile engagement taken to new heights
Wrangling multiple services, and ideas, into a single mobile app.

Hy-Vee wears a lot of hats for its customers: grocery store chain, pharmacy, gas company, in-store restaurants, and more. But what’s the best way to present that information to customers: One unified mobile app or multiple, specialized apps?

That’s the question the Hy-Vee marketing team wanted us to answer. We came to the table with e-commerce and retail experience and an outside perspective on effective mobile visual design. It was a great fit for a vision engagement tasked with providing Hy-Vee a clear direction on how to better serve its digital customers.

  • Competitive Research
  • Experience Mapping
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • User Research + Testing
  • Digital Innovation
  • Approach
    Rapid prototyping and testing

    Hy-Vee stakeholders had varying perspectives and ideas on the best way to increase mobile engagement. We incorporated the different ideas into three prototypes and put them in front of customers.

    It was critical that all stakeholders bought into the testing methodology. Shoppers from different market segments were asked to review the prototypes and complete different tasks — such as ordering an apple, and refilling a prescription. User testing technology helped us see facial reactions and time spent on tasks, and we recorded that data along with qualitative feedback.

    Hy-Vee also simultaneously conducted a quantitative survey. This data, along with the user test feedback, were synthesized and presented to stakeholders so they could see the results for themselves.

    It was clear that the single-app direction was viable; customers understood how to use it and appreciated having everything in one place. The best-testing elements of the various prototypes were incorporated into a unified design, which Hy-Vee then used to build its new mobile app.
    "They really needed an unbiased third party to show them the actual results. It was fun to not know what the end result would be. That was exactly what they were looking for."

    Laura Heurung

    Principal UX Designer  ·  Capillary Digital


    decrease in Hy-Vee's cost of mobile product ownership

    Stakeholder alignment on the direction of a single app and design vision