Helping others reach goals from the palm of their hands
Combining ecosystems to offer a better life coaching platform.

MOBE has excelled in providing custom one-on-one guidance to help individuals achieve their health goals. But the current way that guides and members interacted — mostly over the phone, where guides were necessary to drive member progress forward — was preventing MOBE from growing and expanding its services.

MOBE wanted a fresh set of eyes on its business problem and technical applications. It was the perfect fit for a Capillary Digital vision engagement: a short, focused discovery project aimed at understanding the problem, designing and testing solutions, and setting up MOBE for future success.

  • Competitive Research
  • Experience Mapping
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • User Research + Testing
  • Digital Innovation
  • Approach
    Vision engagement

    Some themes emerged early on in our discussion with MOBE stakeholders about the current product challenges. There were opportunities to encourage more member participation and provide alternative experiences like self-directed learning and goal tracking. MOBE could do more with its platform data to understand why some customers weren’t engaging with the app and to personalize experiences for different audiences.

    We kept these business goals in mind as we reviewed competitor apps, focusing both on visual experiences and the tactics they used to engage with customers. From there, we began designing visual concepts: starting first with low-fidelity wireframes, and then, as we validated the customer journey with MOBE guides, building to a high-fidelity prototype.

    But would customers want a self-directed digital experience and would they understand how to use it effectively? To answer that, we presented our prototype to user testing participants and watched them work through a series of key tasks and scenarios. Then, we synthesized our test findings and recommendations into a mobile app blueprint document for MOBE stakeholders.

    Based on everything we had learned, our future vision for the MOBE app was one where members did have the opportunity to self-direct their experience — although it is critical that MOBE guides still provide support behind the scenes. In the following months, we helped MOBE bring its next iteration of the app to life.
    "I love vision engagements because it’s really rewarding to see people’s reactions when their idea comes to life."

    Molly Longbella

    Director of Experience Design  ·  Capillary Digital

    The mobile app prototype was used to kickstart the next phase of development.

    Stakeholder alignment and consensus around next steps to grow the business.