We put the pulse into a new brand launch for Hy-Vee
In a world that is changing, accessible healthcare is key.

Healthcare in the 2020s shouldn’t have to be expensive, time-consuming, and painful. That’s the vision that retail and pharmacy business Hy-Vee believed in when they decided to launch a new affordable telehealth service: RedBox Rx.

Hy-Vee brought on Capillary Digital to bring the site to life — and quickly; the market was already seeing strong competition. Our challenge: design an experience that customers could confidently and easily use, while also meeting the technical and legal requirements of a telehealth website.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Competitive Research
  • User Research + Testing
  • User Journey Mapping
  • Product Design
  • Custom Software Development
  • Accessibility
  • Approach
    Bringing the teams together

    After reviewing competitor websites and learning more about the telehealth service RedBox Rx would use, we focused on designing the customer journey. We knew that consumers would come in optimistic of receiving better, affordable care — but would be unfamiliar with the brand and need confidence before proceeding forward. This guided the design and copy direction of the marketing site and the telehealth visit process.

    Capillary Digital helped to serve as the conduit for the many teams that were working together to make RedBox Rx a reality: We created initial concepts for photography shoots, evaluated technical vendors for payment processing and identity verification, and guided our key stakeholders on prioritizing features to keep the timeline on track. We helped Hy-Vee organize its product inventory so that the team could easily make future changes to pricing and marketing copy.

    The need to protect personal health information (PHI) was critical to the technical design of the product. There were unique privacy challenges presented by each step of the customer journey: from entering their medical information and paying for treatment, to viewing telehealth visit notes and receiving tracking updates about their prescription. Capillary Digital led the overall technical strategy, working closely with Hy-Vee and other vendors to ensure a fast and secure experience.

    Our team’s favorite part? When the site launched, we tried it out ourselves and received our own red boxes in the mail. And since initial launch, we’ve continued to improve the onboarding experience and automate processes for pharmacy and support staff. We’re using analytics and customer feedback to prioritize small, incremental changes that will improve the experience while maintaining site performance and security.
    "It was awesome to be part of a team from the beginning, seeing the transition from executing requirements to advising and helping to make decisions on what to prioritize. We really built a lot of trust in a quick time, and were able to show that we were all in it together."

    Chris Shores

    Senior Product Owner  ·  Capillary Digital

    Since launch, continuous monthly increases in new customers, subscriptions, and total revenue

    Auto-refills and follow-up visits features have retained customers beyond initial sale