Sunoco puts on the gas for loyalty with its new app
Get perks when you pay at the pump with Sunoco

Arguably, one of the most lucrative industries over the past 100 years is the gasoline industry. From cars to boats to machinery, gasoline has been one of the top fossil fuels for our world and ultimately makes it operate. Yet one of the hardest challenges gas companies face is attracting returning customers to the pumps. Having a gas station on almost every corner has its competitive issues and muddies the market share.

That's why Sunoco reached out to Capillary to offer more to their customers in an always-changing marketplace. Before we came on the scene, Sunoco had done months of customer research but didn't know how to operationalize it. They had the framework, but it just needed a little push and some clarity. We decided to tackle the challenge head-on and show them how combining our loyalty and digital services could take them into the next phase of their customer loyalty journey.

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    A new vision forward

    With an initial framework in place and the wheels already turning, Capillary decided to use a Vision Engagement to kick off the brainstorming and development process. During this initial Vision engagement process, our team planned how the new customer mobile experience would come to life. In this process, we did extensive market research and financial analytics for profitability while gauging the ROI for Sunoco to understand the benefit of cost. Figuring out these quantitative data metrics helped us measure the future success of the loyalty app on customers and what the cost would be to Sunoco's bottom line.

    Once the vision engagement process was complete and the company alignment centered, Sunoco launched its new customer loyalty app to the marketplace. During the overall process, Capillary gained the trust of Sunoco and they truly leaned on us as a partner. In the end, they let us lead meetings with multiple stakeholders and partner groups, trusted us to ask uncomfortable internal questions on company alignment, and believed us when we said the new app would be launched in time so customers wouldn't have a lapse in perks. It is a partnership that has lasted years, and with these results, we know it will last for years to come.

    Integrations to PDI’s are tricky but because of our background, we navigated that easily.

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