A living, breathing, app comes to life for MOBE
MOBE needed a new mobile app where it could customize experiences, test ideas, and provide members new ways to interact with guides.

For years, MOBE has helped guide its members to achieve their personal health goals through better nutrition, more sleep, managing stress, and more. But technical constraints were preventing MOBE from growing and doing more to support its members. MOBE needed a new mobile app where it could customize experiences, test ideas, and provide members new ways to interact with guides.

Following our vision engagement with MOBE, Capillary Digital was already familiar with the business goals and challenges. There were also clear technical improvements that could be made to better integrate the mobile app with MOBE’s employee portal, a win that would make it more efficient for guides to help members.

  • Product Strategy
  • Product Design
  • User Research + Testing
  • React Native
  • Mobile App Development
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    Integrated system

    Behind the scenes, MOBE’s systems are powered by a large amount of content and data. One of our main objectives was to streamline the way this information was stored, so that MOBE would have more flexibility of how to show this to their members and guides. We were developing a new React Native mobile app, while also building a system that could be leveraged by other MOBE products in the future.

    To design the new app, we worked with MOBE guides to understand the integral steps of the member journey and find opportunities to improve the experience. We met weekly for show-and-tells with MOBE stakeholders, where we focused on ways to better showcase MOBE’s brand and core values in the app.

    To hit the project deadline, Capillary Digital helped coordinate the efforts of multiple teams inside and outside of MOBE. We carefully planned the launch so that the product could help members easily transition from old app to new. And throughout the engagement, we helped train MOBE employees who could own and develop the technical product going forward.

    Following the initial launch, our hybrid team of MOBE and Capillary Digital employees continue to measure app usage and release iterative updates to improve the product. We focused on increasing mobile engagement by expanding push notifications and integrating with other health device apps. And we’re working closely with MOBE as they continue to grow and shift the direction of their program, so the app can remain in sync with their updated business goals.
    "We got embedded with our clients, which meant we had individual relationship building with their content team, marketing team, guide team, digital team, and IT team. We built a coalition around them."

    Rich Blaalid

    Director of Delivery  ·  Capillary Digital


    increase in program adoption among eligible members


    per patient/member cost savings by providing an alternative to telephonic engagement